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In the Age of Technology, we still face massive restrictions in the online world which is supposed to connect the entire world freely. You pay for a streaming service to watch your favorite TV show, but they remove it from your location. You are dying to watch an important game of your favorite sports team, but live streaming is not available in the state that you reside in. What if we told you that there could be an easy solution for removing restrictions while securing your privacy? 

The easiest, most efficient and the safest solution to remove online restrictions is using a VPN, which stands for virtual private network. VPNs not only remove restrictions but also ensure your privacy and online safety. Moreover, many VPNs come with an adblocker nowadays. So, you don’t have to be exposed to annoying ads while surfing the internet safely. If you are still asking the question of “Why should I pay for VPN?” you’ll find plenty of answers here. Furthermore, there are plenty of VPN deals, coupons, promotions and detailed reviews of the best VPN services at VPNbudget.

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    How Does VPN Work?

    VPN services channel your connection through servers located in different parts of the world. When you connect to the internet, your IP address is masked automatically by your VPN. Your identity remains hidden; hence your privacy is ensured. The websites that you visit and the online apps that you use don’t know who you are and where you are located. Likewise, your internet service provider (ISP) cannot track the websites that you visit. Thus, you remain incognito on the internet.

    Change Your IP Location to Any Country that You Want

    One of the coolest features of VPN services is that you can change your IP location to almost any country that you want. If you’d like to access a content which is available only in a certain region, then you can simply choose that country or region on your VPN app and gain access to that particular content instantly. It is almost a super power, isn’t it? 

    Premium VPN services have servers all over the world. This way you can change your IP location to any country or state that you want as long as your VPN service has a server in that location. Free VPNs offer only a limited number of locations while premium ones offer fast connection through servers located in the majority of the countries in the world. 

    Why Should I Use VPN?

    VPNs establish an encrypted communication between your computer/mobile device and the websites and online apps. Therefore, you can surf the internet incognito protecting your safety. Neither hackers nor the websites that you visit can find out your identity. Moreover, your ISP cannot track your online activities. Even if you use public wi-fi, you can surf comfortably knowing that nobody is watching your online activity. 

    Another significant feature of VPN is that you can view GEO-locked content. If a website or the content of a website is available only in a certain location, you can change your IP location using a VPN service and gain instant access to that particular content. If your favorite Netflix show is not available in your location, that is nothing to worry about as long as you use a reliable VPN service. Do you want to watch the English Premier League games, but there is no budget-friendly or free live streaming service showing EPL in your location? Then access to the best EPL streaming sites easily using VPN.

    VPN services build a strong web of protection around you encrypting your internet connection. If you have sensitive information to protect, such as business-related communication with your clients, using a VPN service is the right move for you as VPNs render hacking a lot more difficult than usual. Moreover, you can avoid phishing attempts and malwares if you use a premium VPN software.

    You can save a lot of money while shopping online using VPN. Many global platforms utilize geographical pricing. It means that certain products and services might be offered cheaper (sometimes a lot cheaper) in other countries than where you reside. You can simply change your IP location via VPN and get massive discounts within seconds.

    How about those annoying ads popping up everywhere? Almost every premium VPN service is equipped with ad blocker nowadays. You can say goodbye to those invasive banners and irritatingly long ads on Youtube for good. Moreover, your device is kept protected from malicious content spread through dodgy ads. 

    Premium VPN services offer fast connection. In other words, you don’t need to worry about low connection speed while browsing via VPN. This is one of the most dividing features between free and premium VPN services. You might experience significant speed loss while using a free VPN. But, premium VPNs ensure that you enjoy the benefits of VPN while keeping your usual internet speed.

    VPN is the most cost-effective method of securing your privacy and internet safety. You can enjoy great benefits spending only a few bucks a month. You can find the best VPN deals and massive discounts at VPNbudget at all times. Compare the best VPN services and find the best cost-effective VPN for your needs.

    How Can I Find the Right VPN for My Needs?

    Most premium VPN services offer similar features. However, the small differences might be nuances which affect what you can get from your VPN. First of all, you should define the reasons why you need VPN. Do you want it to unblock GEO-restricted content and get local discounts or secure your privacy and get rid of annoying ads. It is also possible that you want all the features that can come with a premium VPN. 

    If you are only looking for a total incognito experience online and ensure your privacy and safety, all the VPN services listed on VPNbudget can be considered as we list only the top VPNs and the best VPN deals to get premium VPNs for cheap. However, if you aim to unblock GEO-restricted content, you should read our best VPN reviews to find out what VPN would serve you the best. 

    How to Get Premium VPN for Cheap

    In order to get premium VPN for cheap, VPNbudget is the go-to source for you. We list the best VPN deals available at any given moment. You can find the latest VPN discounts, coupon codes, and promotions at VPNbudget. You don’t need to dish out big sums to ensure your online security and privacy anymore. 

    Compare VPN Services and Get Best VPN Deals

    We review the best VPN services and offer you head to head comparisons of the top VPNs. This way, you can choose the most suitable VPN service with the best price possible. The prices shown at VPNbudget are updated regularly so that you won’t miss a great deal ever. 

    Finding the best VPN deal can be a tricky proposition. There are so many different VPN providers out there, and they all offer a wide range of prices. How do you know if you’re getting the best value for your money?

    One way to compare VPNs is to look at the features they offer. What level of security do they provide? How easy is it to use their software? What kind of customer support do they offer? Once you’ve looked at the features, you can start to compare prices.

    Of course, price isn’t everything. You also want to make sure that you’re getting a cheap VPN that’s reliable and has a good reputation. The last thing you want is to sign up for a VPN service that doesn’t deliver on its promises.

    To find the best VPN deals, it’s important to compare prices and features from multiple providers. By taking the time to do your research, you can be sure that you’re getting the best value for your money.

    Best VPNs for Android and iOS Devices

    Only a few years ago, mobile traffic constituted 61% of all the traffic to U.S. websites. We can safely assume that the number is significantly higher at the moment. So, mobile devices are exposed to malicious attacks more than ever. Using a premium VPN service is among the best methods of protecting your mobile device from attacks. Here at VPNbudget, we offer you in-depth reviews of the best VPNs for Android and iOS devices. Read our reviews to find the best mobile VPN for yourself and check out VPN tutorials to maximize your mobile security!

    Reviews of the Best VPN Services

    We regularly test all the well-established VPN brands along with the ones that have entered the market recently. All the VPNs listed on VPNbudget had been tested extensively before the reviews were prepared. As a matter of fact, we still use these VPN apps regularly on our personal devices and reflect any improvement or flaw in our reviews. 

    Our Rating Criteria

    We focus on certain criteria while preparing our unbiased VPN reviews. Our initial aim is to show you the best VPN prices available at any given moment so that you’ll get the best deal possible. Therefore, the first criterion is the price. A premium VPN service should be equipped with the essential features while being affordable for all. 

    The second criterion is the security measures that a VPN service can provide. The type of encryption that it provides is directly related to the level of safety and privacy that it offers. Therefore, we dive deep into the encryption methods that a VPN employs. We  also check whether they offer antivirus, antimalware and adblock functions. 

    The Third criterion is the performance. We test the VPN software while gaming, streaming and torrenting connecting to different server locations. We analyze the internet speed and downloading and streaming quality. All the test results are displayed in detail in our reviews. We also check the number of server locations that they have and test location performances individually. 

    We also check how the mobile and desktop apps of a VPN service perform on different operating systems and devices. Does the app crash all of a sudden? Does it take a long time for it to become functional? Is the app streamlined enough to render it to be used easily? These are among the questions we try to answer. 

    Last but not least, we test the customer support options offered by the VPN that we review. We expect a good premium VPN to offer 7/24 support to answer the questions and solve the problems of their clients. 

    VPN FAQs

    All the premium VPN services listed on VPNbudget are reliable service providers that have been tested by authoritative organizations. They offer a service in exchange for a fixed sum. However, the situation with the free VPNs may not be the same. As the saying goes, if you are not paying for it, then you are the product. So, free VPN apps might either be adware or transmit malware to your device. Reliable premium VPN services also offer free accounts on a trial basis. You can enjoy limited VPN features for an extended period of time, or get full premium VPN features for a limited time.

    Vpns are legal in most countries. There are some exceptions though. Countries like China, North Korea, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Oman. Belarus, and Uganda have restricted use of VPN within their borders. Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Turkey encourage residents to refrain from using VPN services. However, VPN is not illegal in these countries. Russia and Iran allow residents to use approved VPN services only.

    You can get premium VPNs for as little as a few bucks a month. Most VPN services offer free trials during which you don’t need to pay a single penny. You can find lucrative deals at VPNbudget.

    VPNs are known for slowing down the internet speed. However, this has been changing lately. You can retain your original internet speed while using premium VPNs. On the other hand, free VPNs reduce your internet speed drastically.

    VPNs encrypt your communication with websites and online apps. Therefore, your actual identity cannot be tracked by the websites. Even your ISP cannot track the websites that you visit and the apps that you use. Moreover, most premium VPNs utilize antimalware and adblock tools. Therefore, you browse incognito while avoiding malicious attacks. 

    Free VPNs offer fewer functions compared to the premium ones. Usually the number of server locations are limited to a few popular countries. Free VPNs do not usually offer such security measures as adblock and antimalware. Moreover, you might be exposed to annoying ads to be able to use free VPN software. You may also experience speed loss while using a free VPN service. Moreover, you may not even go totally incognito while using a free VPN service. Unlike paid VPN services, free VPNs hide your IP address through proxy but don’t encrypt your device’s communication with websites and online apps.

    There are premium VPN services like Surfshark that work perfectly while using Netflix. Not every VPN service works well with each online platform. You can find the suitable VPN for your needs at VPNbudget.

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