How to Watch F1 Live for Free via Legal Broadcast

Stop filling your computer and mobile device with malware just to watch a very bad quality Formula 1 live stream! You can actually watch F1 live for free via legal broadcast, which is safe and offers much better stream quality. This is a secret which you won’t find anywhere else: You can even stream F1 live on Youtube. Yes, it is free. Let’s find out how to watch Formula 1 live without cable or satellite and free in 2024.

Formula 1 is FIA’s hen that lays golden eggs. It is the most popular motorsport in the world followed by NASCAR and MotoGP. The action you can witness in a Formula 1 race is second to none. Imagine you are watching the last race of the season, the Abu Dhabi GP. Lewis Hamilton pushes his Mercedes F1W15 to the last corner to beat Max Verstappen in his RB20. They are side by side and your illegal stream freezes all of a sudden. Well, you can watch the replay but it’ll never be the same as watching the action live as it happens. In this article I’ll give you valuable tips on how to watch F1 live for free via legal broadcasts with minimum risk of streaming issues.

Free to Watch Channels that Broadcast F1 Live

Most of the TV channels and online streaming platforms that broadcast F1 live require paid subscription. But, not all of them. The good news is that you can watch the TV channels that I’ll list below for free. Only thing you need is your desktop or mobile device and a stable internet connection. The news which is not that good is that these broadcasts are only available within these specific countries. You have two options to overcome this problem: 1) Fly to one of the countries where a public TV broadcasts F1 races live without subscription 2) Purchase one of the best cheap VPNs for streaming sports and change your IP without any hassle.

Here at VPNbudget, we love budget VPNs as they secure your internet connection and open up opportunities which are otherwise not available. Therefore, you can imagine that we’ll focus on the second option which costs much less than paying for a streaming platform subscription and also you can use VPNs to secure all your devices. I’ll explain how to use the best budget VPNs to your advantage in order to go around GEO-blocks. But before that let’s take a look at the free to watch TV channels to broadcast F1 live online!

Stream F1 Live for Free on Youtube

All the public TV channels that I mentioned above offer live F1 coverage without paying. However, one of them offers a free live F1 stream on Youtube. Yes, you heard me right. You can watch from Bahrain GP to Abu Dhabi GP every race on Youtube for free thanks to Euronews Albania. 

In order to watch F1 live streams for free on Youtube, you don’t need to subscribe to Euronews Albania’s Youtube channel. You can simply head to their website using the link that I placed above and start watching the Youtube live stream there directly. If you want you can open the stream on Youtube as well.

The streaming quality is quite good. I didn’t encounter any lags when I teste it. You can comfortably watch F1 live on your computer, your iPhone, your Android device or tablet as pretty much any gadget has a dedicated Youtube app now. Nevertheless, there is one obstacle that you need to overcome: Euronews Albania works only in Albania. But, fret not! You can click here and download Surfshark VPN to unblock GEO restrictions easily. I should also mention that Surfshark is running a special promo at the moment.You can get a premium Surfshark subscription with an 85% discount + 2 months free.

How to Access F1 Live Streams Without Subscription

All the legal platforms where you can watch F1 live for free have to impose regional restrictions. It is an effective way of forcing people to purchase a paid subscription in case there is no free option in a given country. So, in order to access these free streaming services you need a reliable VPN service that helps you to change your IP address so that you can access any GEO-locked platform that you want.

For this very purpose I’ve picked Surfshark VPN. The reason is that it is quite budget friendly (you can purchase it as cheap as $2.49/month), employ an iron-clad security technology, and has 3200 secure VPN servers in 65 countries. It offers such cool features as kill switch, ad blocker, anti-malware scan, military-grade AES-256-GCM encryption, no-logs policy, browser extension, slick mobile app and more. Read our detailed Surfshark VPN review to learn more about the payment methods, features, and the latest discounts.

surfshark vpn expert review

Surfshark VPN Great Value

3200+ servers, low ping rates, unlimited bandwidth, and strong security allow you enjoy the online world in a carefree manner. Plus, it includes an ad blocker and accepts multiple payment methods. Try Surfshark VPN now!

You can install Surfshark VPN on an unlimited number of devices easily. 

  1. Click here and purchase a Surfshark VPN subscription that fits you the best.
  2. Surfshark VPN is among the best budget VPNs with a free trial. You can pay for a subscription using a credit or a debit card. But, alternatively you can make your purchase with PayPal, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, or a cryptocurrency like bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Litecoin and Ethereum. If you don’t like it, you can request a full refund within 30 days. So, in other words, you can try it for free.
  3. Once you have an Surfshark VPN account, you can download the Surfshark VPN app to your device or install a browser extension.
  4. Once the app is installed, enter your Surfshak VPN login credentials in the welcome screen.
  5. Now all you have to do is select the right country from the list based on the free F1 live streaming platform that you’ve chosen. Make sure that you are connected to a secure server in the chosen country.
  6. Head to the website of the legal Formula 1 broadcaster. That is it. Enjoy your legal and secure Formula 1 live stream.
Watch F1 legally and for free wherever you are

How to Watch Formula 1 Replays for Free

There are not many legal and free platforms where you can watch Formula 1 replays for free. The best way to find such platforms is checking the related Reddit thread. If you decide to give a try to one of the websites mentioned on Reddit, make sure that you are connected to a secure VPN server before doing so, this way you can secure your device from malicious people and software and also make sure that your privacy is not compromised. 

F1 Free Live Stream FAQs

Can I watch F1 live on YouTube?

Yes, you can watch Formula 1 live streams on the Youtube Channel of Euronews Albania. But, you need a reliable VPN like Surfshark VPN to be able to remove the GEO blocking.

Is it possible to watch Formula 1 races live for free?

You can watch Formula 1 races live without any subscription in the USA or any other country. The public TV channels like Band Brazil, Servus TV, ORF, RTL Zwee, and Euronews Albania broadcast F1 races live without the requirement of a paid subscription.

Is it safe to use free streaming services to watch Formula 1 races?

The illegal platforms that offer free live F1 streams contain harmful scripts which commit crimes like phishing. But, you can watch F1 live streams for free on legal TV channels like Band Brazil, Servus TV, ORF, RTL Zwee, and Euronews Albania.

Are there any restrictions or limitations when watching Formula 1 live for free via legal broadcast?

Free legal F1 broadcasters impose country-restrictions. So, you need a VPN app installed in your device in order to navigate around such restrictions.

How do I find out which broadcasters offer free and legal Formula 1 live streams in my region?

See all the legal Formula 1 live broadcasters here. Chances are you won’t be able to find a free streaming service in your region. But, you can access the free broadcasters that are active in other countries using VPN.

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