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Original price was: $10.99.Current price is: $2.05.

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Looking for a VPN service that won’t break the bank? Look no further than Atlas VPN! This all-in-one service boasts lightning-fast connection speeds and top-notch security features, so you can browse and stream without any worries. With over 750 servers in 45 locations, you’re sure to find a connection that works for you. And with prices starting at just $2.05/month, it’s easy to see why Atlas VPN is a budget-friendly choice for gamers, streamers, and torrenters alike. Feeling skeptical? Give it a try and if it’s not your cup of tea, you can always get a full refund within 30 days.

Atlas VPN

Original price was: $10.99.Current price is: $2.05.


Atlas VPN Review: Is Free Version Worth the Money?

Atlas VPN is among the popular free VPN services that attract interest with premium features. Avid VPN users are curious about the speed performance, reliability, and the premium features of Atlas VPN. I’ve tested both the mobile and the desktop apps for a month now. In this Atlas VPN review you’ll find my experience with Atlas VPN’s speed performance, features, support options, pros & cons, and the latest Atlast VPN deals.

Atlas VPN is an innovative and secure virtual private network service created to help users browse the internet safely and securely. It offers a free version and a premium version with different features and benefits. This Atlas VPN review will cover the features, pros and cons of both the free and premium versions so that you can decide if it is worth the money. The free version of Atlas VPN offers a great range of features, including unlimited data, access to restricted websites, and even secure streaming. The premium version offers additional features such as ad blocking, split tunneling, and access to faster servers. Both versions offer military-grade encryption and are compatible with most devices. With its high-quality features, easy-to-use interface, and low price, Atlas VPN is an attractive choice for anyone looking for a reliable VPN service. Before we dive deep into the Atlas VPN review, let’s talk about the Atlas VPN subscription plans!

atlas vpn review

How Much Does Atlas VPN Cost? Best Deals You Can Get

Currently, you can get Atlas VPN for as little as $2.05/month if you opt for the 2-year plan. It means that you get 81% off from the original price. You can get this deal paying for a 2-year plan up front, which will cost you $49.19. For this price, you’ll be able to enjoy all the premium features of Atlas VPN unlimited for 2 years.

If you don’t want to commit yourself to such a long-term subscription, then you can go for the yearly subscription which costs $3.29. In order to get this deal, you’ll need to pay $39.42 at the beginning and then you won’t be charged again until your subscription expires next year.

The third and the most flexible Atlas VPN package is the monthly package which comes with a price tag of $10.99. This can be good for you in case you need the premium features of Atlas VPN only for a specific task/project for a short period of time. However, if you’d like to try out the features of Atlas VPN, you can try the free version and get an idea before you purchase one of the more favorable long-term subscription plans.

atlas vpn review

Atlas VPN subscription plans

Regardless of what plan you choose, you’ll be able to enjoy the full features of Atlas VPN. The price of the monthly plan is not really favorable. However, most premium VPN services set higher price tags for their short-term subscription plans. The long-term subscription plans of Atlas VPN come with great price tags. Check out the best VPN deals to compare Atlas VPN’s prices with the prices of the other popular VPN services. You can also check out our VPN coupon codes section to get extra discounts.

Atlas VPN Free Version vs Paid Version

You might be asking yourself “Why should I purchase a paid Atlas VPN subscription when there is an absolutely free version of it?”. The reason is that the free version is only good for your basic needs. For instance, if you are looking for a VPN software to change your IP while surfing the internet and reading news and articles, then the free version can be the right one for you. However, if you’d like to connect to a fast-speed VPN server located in a specific country for gaming, torrenting or streaming, then you’ll want to consider buying a premium subscription.

Atlas VPN’s free version offers 5 GB monthly data. This can be considered as quite generous for a free VPN service. That is perfectly enough for streaming a couple of movies and TV shows and reading articles. However, it is safe to say that it won’t be enough in case you are looking for a VPN service that will keep your connection private and secure at all times. You can have unlimited data simply by purchasing one of the low-cost premium packages of Atlas VPN.

The Atlas VPN’s free servers are located in 3 places, which are Los Angeles, New York and Amsterdam. Contrary to the limited number of server locations of the free version, the premium version has more than 750 servers in 45 locations. You can find the full list of Atlas VPN server locations in this detailed Atlas VPN review.

You Can Use Atlas VPN Even On Your Smart TV If You Are a Premium User

Another frequently asked question about Atlas VPN is “How many devices can I connect to VPN simultaneously?”. The answer for this question is unlimited. Both the free and the paid versions of Atlas VPN offer unlimited simultaneous connections. So, you can connect all your devices to VPN to secure your internet connection. However, you’ll need the paid version if you’d like to use Atlas VPN on your smart TV like Android TV and Amazon Fire TV.

atlas vpn review

Atlas VPN on smart TV

Another cool feature of Atlas VPN is that regardless of your package – free or paid – you’ll be protected with a military-grade encryption as long as you are connected to the internet through Atlas VPN. So, the free version also offers quite cool features. However, you need the paid plan if you’d like to get such high-end VPN features like SafeBrowse, Data Breach Monitor, Network Kill Switch, and Split Tunneling.

Payment Methods Accepted by Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN is one of the premium VPN services that can be purchased by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. If you are among the people who do not like to use traditional payment methods while doing online purchases, then Atlas VPN is the right one for you.

You can, of course, choose to pay with a traditional payment method like a bank card or credit card. Starting your premium Atlas VPN subscription is very easy as long as you hold a bank or credit card which is issued by one of the providers like Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, and Discover. Besides these you can also use an e-wallet like Qiwi and PayPal.

atlas vpn review

Payment methods available at Atlas VPN

If these are not among your favorite payment methods, you can connect your any accepted payment card to your Google Pay account and make your payment without revealing your card details to Atlas VPN at all, in case that is what you prefer.

How to Cancel VPN Subscription

Atlas VPN renders it quite easy for the users to create accounts and cancel them alike. So, if you, for any reason, would like to cancel your subscription, you can do it within 30 days to get a full-refund. Yes, it means that you can use the premium version of Atlas VPN for free for 30 days. Naturally, it is not applicable for the monthly subscription.

In order to cancel your account and get a full refund, you need to send an email to [email protected] within 30 days. In the email simply mention that you’d like to cancel your account along with your email address which is connected to your Atlas VPN account. Your account will be canceled and a refund will be made within a short time.

You can still get a partial refund if you cancel your subscription after 30 days. You can send an email to the Atlas VPN support using the email that I mentioned above and request your partial refund in case you’d like to terminate your long-term subscription for whatever reason. 

In case you download Atlas VPN and make your payment through Apple App Store, you need to contact the App Store directly in order to cancel your subscription and get your money back within 30 days. 

What You Can Do With Atlas VPN: The Best VPN Features

Modern VPN services like Atlas VPN offer a lot more than merely masking your IP and unblocking GEO restrictions. Using Atlas VPN’s premium features, you’ll be able to encrypt your internet connection with a military-grade encryption technology, connect to 750+ servers in 45 locations, unblock streaming libraries of popular platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime TV, HBO Max, and Disney +, unlock location-based discounts, protect your devices against malicious attacks, and enjoy freedom and security that is hard to be attained without such a tool.

I’ve made a list of the best features of Atlas VPN that might help you with deciding whether you’d like to use this VPN service in the feature or not. I recommend you to check out the reviews of the best VPN services so that you can compare the best features and prices and then decide which one you’d like to choose.

SafeSwap Servers

When you connect to the internet via a VPN server, your connection is secured and IP is masked. The VPN server assigns you a new IP address. If you connect to a SafeSwap server, you are  assigned new IP addresses regularly as you browse through web pages and apps. This makes it even harder for your ISP and the web apps that you use to detect your Identity. Thus, your privacy is secured at all times.

Protect Your Privacy & Devices with SafeBrowse

Another premium feature of Atlas VPN that I find quite useful is SafeBrowse. When you toggle this feature on, SafeBrowse tool will help you to protect your device from third-party trackers, phishing attempts, and different types of malware. In other words, you get an anti-malware tool along with your VPN software. Of course, Atlas VPN doesn’t offer a full-scale antivirus solution. Nonetheless, you still add an extra protection layer on top of your existing protection measures of your device.

Use SplitTunneling to Connect Selected Apps to VPN

When you connect to a VPN server, all your traffic goes through the secure server. That is how a VPN app works unless it comes with a SplitTunneling function. This function allows the user to choose the apps that are connected to VPN servers. This feature is especially good in case an app/website doesn’t perform well while being connected to VPN. 

Boost Your Security with MultiHop+ Servers

You can prefer to connect to a MultiHop+ server in case you are looking for utmost privacy. MultiHop+ servers implement multiple servers between your device and the apps/websites that you use. The end server keeps rotating as you browse. This way it gets much harder for your ISP to track your activities and for the apps to reveal your identity. This is quite a good feature in case you absolutely need to be protected from censorship and online surveillance. However, you might experience slight connection speed issues. 

Atlas VPN Mobile App

As I mentioned previously, Atlas VPN offers unlimited simultaneous connections. It means that you can connect all your devices to the internet via safe VPN servers, including your mobile devices. You can download the Atlas VPN app to your iOS and Android devices easily. Simply click here to create your Atlas VPN account. Once you have an active account navigate to the VPN Apps tab on the Atlas VPN’s website. There you can choose the operating system that your device is powered by. You’ll be redirected to the correct app marketplace where you can download the Atlas VPN to your device. You don’t need to download an APK file separately as Atlas VPN mobile app can be found in safe marketplaces and it is free to download.

atlas vpn review

Different sections of the Atlas VPN mobile app

Atlas VPN Android and iOS apps allow you to use all the features that come with the desktop app, including all the cool features that I listed above. After you install the free Atlas VPN app, enter your login credentials, choose the VPN server location that suits you the best, and toggle the VPN on. It is as simple as that. You can also visit the assistant tab to activate the additional features like tracker blocker and data breach monitor. 

Does Atlas VPN Work with Netflix and Other Streaming Services?

Atlas VPN claims to support 4K streams. So, in theory, we can access streaming libraries using Atlas VPN without experiencing any loss in quality. As a VPN detective, I set out to uncover the truth and watched quite many TV shows and movies on Netflix, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime TV. Moreover, I checked 4K videos on Youtube (the ones about wildlife in tropical rainforests). I didn’t experience any loss in quality. But, I have to admit that I didn’t test all the servers as they have plenty. 

So, all in all, I can say that you can unblock the popular streaming libraries of Netflix, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime TV which are available in the USA, Germany, Canada, Australia and the UK. We can also assume that you won’t have issues with watching your favorite titles on platforms like Hulu, BBC iPlayer, ESPN+, and Peacock using Atlas VPN.

How to Install Atlas VPN on Amazon Fire TV Stick

Installing Atlas VPN app on your Amazon Fire TV & FireStick is like installing any other app on your device. First you need to head to the Atlas VPN website and purchase your premium subscription. You can click here to visit the Atlas VPN website right away. Once you have an active Atlas VPN subscription head to the Amazon Appstore, download & install Atlas VPN. And then open the app, enter your login credentials and enjoy Atlas VPN on your Amazon Fire TV. 

atlas vpn review

You can use Atlas VPN on all your devices simultaneously

Atlas VPN Privacy Policy and Encryption Technology

When you connect to the internet via a VPN server, the secure server locates itself between your device and the apps and the websites that you access. Therefore, your internet service provider cannot track your online activities. Moreover, the apps and the websites that you access have no idea about your identity, unless you create an account and enter your login credentials. But, even then your IP is hidden. So, technically the VPN server is the only authority that has the information about your IP address and your internet activities. 

However, like most reliable VPN services, Atlas VPN has a no-logs policy. It means that the VPN server deletes the data about your IP and your internet activities immediately. Therefore, none can access your data when there is no data to access. So, your privacy remains secured. 

Moreover, Atlas VPN utilizes military-grade encryption technologies including AES-256 and ChaCha20. Thanks to such technologies, the communication between your device and the internet is encrypted. This way, you remain out of the radar of the hackers, governments, and other organizations that might want to access your data. 

Atlas VPN Protocols

Atlas VPN utilizes two of the most popular VPN protocols: WireGuard and IPSec/IKEv2. WireGuard is a modern VPN protocol which ensures fast and reliable connection. As for IKEv2, it offers fast VPN connection and works well both on mobile and desktop devices. You don’t really need to know much about these protocols as the Atlas VPN software selects the right one for you automatically. However, you can also pick whichever suits you the best. 

Besides these solid encryption technology and the VPN protocols, Atlas VPN app comes with IP leak, DNS and WebRTC protection. So, the walls of your castle are quite formidable if they are protected by Atlas VPN.

Full List of Atlas VPN Server Locations

Atlas VPN has more than 750 servers in 38 countries and 45 locations. Here are the countries where the Atlas VPN servers are located:


Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK

North America

Canada, Mexico, the United States

South America

Argentina, Brazil, Chile


Israel, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates


Australia, New Zealand

Does Atlas VPN Work in China and Iran?

In some countries VPN means freedom. It is mainly because of the fact that the means of communication is heavily controlled by governments. Especially social media is heavily scrutinized and manipulated by oppressive governments. You can see news about how people use social media despite government restrictions in Iran and China quite often. Well, there is no other option but using VPN in order to get around such restrictions. Atlas VPN works in countries like China, Iran and Russia. 

Using a bank card to purchase a VPN subscription might cause issues in such countries. Luckily, Atlas VPN accepts payments with cryptocurrencies. This way you can make anonymous purchases.

Atlas VPN Review: Speed Performance Ratings

During the tests that I conducted while preparing this Atlas VPN review, both the free and paid versions of Atlas VPN performed well in terms of connection speed. The paid servers seemed to be more reliable, as expected. However, you can get decent speeds with free servers as well. I had over 280 Mbps in download speed and over 25 Mpbs in upload speed.

atlas vpn review

Atlas VPN speed test result

As avid games know, ping that takes over 150 ms can cause serious lags during online gaming. The max ping rate that I got was 79 ms. So, I can comfortably say that the speed performance of Atlas VPN is quite satisfactory for gaming, torrenting and streaming.

atlas vpn review

Atlas VPN ping test result

How to Sign Up For Atlas VPN

Click here to create a free Atlas VPN account. Afterwards, select your operating system under the VPN Apps tab. There you’ll be asked whether you’d like to get the premium version or the free one. If you choose to get the free version, you’ll be prompted to the download page. Simply download the app, enter your email and password to create your account, confirm your email and that is it. You can enter your login credentials in the Atlas VPN app and start using it for free.

If you choose the premium version, then you’ll be shown the latest offers. Choose the package that you’d like to buy and then select your payment method. Once you make your payment you’ll be able to download the Atlas VPN premium app. 

Atlas VPN Customer Support

Atlas VPN offers 24/7 support via chat and email. Premium users can contact the customer support via chat available on the app and the Atlas VPN website to get immediate help when they need it. Free subscription users will need to contact the support via [email protected]

Atlas VPN User Review

In the Atlas VPN expert review above, I’ve given you all the technical information that you may or may not need about this popular VPN service. But what do I think about it as a user? First of all, I really like the speed that you get with Atlas VPN. It is not a secret that VPN reduces the connection speed. However, I didn’t have any significant issues during the time that I was using Atlas VPN. It did the job perfectly while gaming and streaming.

Another thing I really like about it is that it is full of extra features. They really thought of quite a few features that you wouldn’t expect from a VPN app. So, it is an all-in-one tool for security and privacy. You can use it on an unlimited number of devices simultaneously meaning that all your devices including your mobile phone, PC, smart TV and game console can be protected. And it is super easy to use. 

As for the things that I didn’t like, the number of server locations are under par when compared to the industry leaders. Also, it lacks a browser extension which would carry Atlas VPN to the next level. If they make improvements keeping their price tag as it is, then they can be a game changer in the industry.

3.2Expert Score
Atlas VPN Atlas VPN is an affordable all-in-one VPN service which shines with great connection speed and iron-clad security measures. You can connect to 750+ servers in 45 locations. If you are looking for a budget VPN solution for gaming, streaming, torrenting this one's for you. You can get the cheapest package for as little as $2.05/month. Try it out and if you don’t like it you can get a full refund in 30 days.
Security Measures
App Usability
Customer Support
  • Affordable subscription packages
  • Decent connection speed for torrenting, gaming, and streaming
  • 24/7 support
  • No-logs policy
  • Free version
  • Unblocks streaming libraries
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Great additional features like MultiHop+ servers and split tunneling
  • Great mobile app
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • There is no browser extension
  • Servers are located only in 38 countries
  • It doesn’t have OpenVPN protocol

Additional information

Specification: Atlas VPN

Free Version


Free Version Data Limit

5 GB

Server Locations

45 cities in 38 countries

Streaming Services

6Play, 7plus, AbemaTV, Amazon Prime TV, BBC iPlayer, beIN Sports, Crunchyroll, DAZN, Disney+, DStv, ESPN, ESPN+, F1TV, Fubo TV, FuboTV, Funimation, HBO Max, Hotstar, Hulu, ITV Hub, Kodi, MSNBC, Netflix, Paramount Plus, Peacock TV, Pluto TV, RTL, SBS Australia, Sling TV, TF1, Yle, YLE Areena, Youtube TV, ZDF

Ad Blocker




Encryption Method

AES 256-bit, ChaCha20

Located in

The United States of America

Number of Devices


Number of Servers


Simultaneous Connections


Browser Extension


Money-Back Guarantee

30 Days

Atlas VPN FAQs

Atlas VPN FAQs

Is Atlas VPN good for torrenting?

It offers multilayer protection and decent download speed. So, it is a great choice for torrenting. Check the detailed Atlas VPN review to see the speed test result.

Does Atlas VPN have a Chrome extension?

No, unfortunately Atlas VPN does not have a browser extension.

Is Atlas VPN trustworthy and safe?

Yes, Atlas VPN is a well-known and trustworthy VPN service used by thousands globally.

Does Atlas VPN keep logs and sell my data?

No, Atlas VPN has a strict no-logs policy. The Atlas VPN servers do not store your data.

Does Atlas VPN block ads?

Atlas VPN doesn’t come with an ad blocker. However, the SafeBrowse feature blocks the unwanted third-party trackers and malicious scripts. So, if the ad on a webpage or an app has such a script, then it gets blocked immediately. SafeBrowse feature is available only for premium users. If you are a premium user, you can activate it under the Assistant tab.

Where is Atlas VPN based?

Atlas VPN is based in the United States of America.

Who owns Atlas VPN?

Atlas VPN is owned and operated by Peakstar Technologies Inc. which is owned by Nordsec Ltd. NordSec Ltd is known for owning and operating the popular VPN service NordVPN.

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