Get 86% Off & 5 Months Free with Surfshark VPN Black Friday Promotion

Surfshark VPN Black Friday Promotion greets new users with massive discounts. You can get up to 86% off on the 2-year plans. On top of that you’ll have 5 months of free premium VPN. This exclusive VPN discount is a limited-time deal. So, click here and claim your Surfshark VPN discount right away!

There are lots of Black Friday VPN discounts out there. But, this one is special as you’ll be able to get a premium VPN for very cheap. 2-year Starter plan of Surfshark VPN costs only $1.99 for a month. You need to pay $53.73 up front in order to purchase this package. But, you won’t need to worry about your online security and privacy for the next 24 months. I should also mention that you have the possibility to cancel your Surfshark VPN subscription within 30 days and get your money back in case you don’t like it.

Surfshark VPN sOne subscription plan price goes down to $2.69 for a month. It is billed $75.32 for 2 years. The 2-year sOne+ plan has gone down to $3.99 (billed as $115.71 up front for 2 years) thanks to the Surfshark VPN Black Friday offer.

Up to 86% Off + 5 Months Free
Black Friday Offer

Secure your desktop and mobile devices for cheap with
Surfshark’s Black Friday Deal!

The 2-year plans of Surfshark VPN have become quite attractive with these discounts. However, the Surfshark VPN Black Friday promotion has some lucrative offers for the VPN users who prefer a monthly subscription. The 1-month Starter plan price is down to $13.99 at the moment. 1-month sOne plan has a price tag of $17.69. The most comprehensive sOne+ package’s monthly plan can be purchased for only $19.99 during the promotion period.

If you’d like to learn more about the Surfshark VPN subscription packages check out our detailed Surfshark VPN review. There you’ll find an in-depth analysis of this popular VPN service including payment methods, performance tests, server locations and all the features that you’ll get when you purchase a premium subscription.

Why You Should Choose Surfhsark VPN

Surfshark is one of the best budget VPNs that come with premium features. It is an absolute price/value monster. Here are some of the top features of Surfshark VPN:

Unrestricted Access to Content: Surfshark VPN’s vast network of over 3200 servers in 65 countries enables you to bypass geographical restrictions with ease. Whether you want to stream your favorite shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime TV, or access region-locked content, Surfshark VPN has got you covered. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace a world of endless entertainment possibilities.

Bulletproof Security Measures: When it comes to online security, Surfshark VPN leaves no room for compromise. With state-of-the-art encryption protocols like WireGuard, IKEv2, and OpenVPN, your data remains encrypted and protected from prying eyes. Surfshark VPN’s CleanWeb feature blocks ads, trackers, and malware, ensuring your browsing experience is seamless and secure. The Kill Switch feature adds an extra layer of protection by instantly disconnecting your internet connection if the VPN connection drops, safeguarding your privacy at all times.

MultiHop Servers: Surfshark VPN takes your privacy to the next level with its MultiHop feature. By routing your connection through two different servers in different countries, Surfshark VPN ensures that your online presence remains incognito. This advanced feature enhances your security and anonymity, making it virtually impossible for anyone to trace your activities back to you.

Blazing-Fast Speeds: With Surfshark VPN, you don’t have to sacrifice speed for security. Its optimized server infrastructure ensures lightning-fast connection speeds, allowing you to stream, browse, and download without any buffering or lag. Whether you’re gaming, watching high-definition videos, or conducting business online, Surfshark VPN provides a seamless and uninterrupted experience.

User-Friendly Experience: Surfshark VPN’s user-friendly interface makes it incredibly easy to navigate and customize your VPN settings. Whether you’re a tech-savvy individual or new to VPNs, Surfshark VPN’s intuitive design ensures that you can connect to a server with just a click. It seamlessly integrates with popular browsers like Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and more, making it convenient to protect your online activities.

How to Take Advantage of Surfshark VPN Black Friday Promotion

Surfshark VPN Black Friday Promotion is not here to stay for a long time. Therefore, you should act quickly to claim this deal. As I mentioned earlier, you can get a full refund if you cancel your subscription in 30 days. Therefore, you are not taking anything risk by claiming this offer. On the contrary, you get a great online security tool for cheap.

In order to claim this deal, you need to choose the right Surfshark package for you and then create an account. Actually, you don’t even need to fill in your personal details. You can simply sign up using your Google or Apple account. And then select the payment method of your choice. You don’t need a credit card to purchase a Surfshark VPN subscription. You can choose among Google Pay, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Of course, if you’d like you can pay with a credit or a debit card as well.
That is pretty much it. You can claim this lucrative deal within minutes and start surfing in a secure manner, enjoy region-specific discounts, and join your pals in foreign online gaming servers. Check our VPN discounts section to see the latest VPN deals.

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